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"The technician they sent over was fast and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."
Sarah Groover
Registered Nurse

Computer Support

For many businesses, whether you have any computer issues, networking issues, server issues or just need to upgrade any equipment, I am here to help. I am more than willing to drive to your site to get your requests resolved in no time. I offer daily computer support for businesses or homeowners who need me at the site for only a day to save the day and, additionally, offer monthly IT support for businesses that need our team at the location more frequently at a great price. Some of the services I can help with include computer repair and computer installation services. With my IT consulting, I can provide the computer support and IT solutions for you!

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Security Camera Installation

If you are looking for assistance with surveillance cameras and security camera installation for your place of business or home, you’ve come to the right place. Advanced Cabling Experts offers customized solutions for all your crime prevention needs. Using the most advanced technologies in the industry, I will help you acquire the ability to track, detect, and deter possible intruders or home dangers right away. I can help you stay connected to your business or home by offering fast and manageable notification and video access to all your security cameras. For inquiries, do not hesitate to call me at Advanced Cabling Experts today for all your electronic installation¬†needs.

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Network Cable Installation

Home and business networking can be a complicated and time-consuming process even for the most seasoned electronics installer. I am your premier electronics installation company that can complete any size or complex job. I can do everything from setting up your routers, linking computers to your network and get your wireless networking setup and wired around your home or business. Contact me today if you are in need of professional, reliable network cable installation.

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